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What’s there to do here?

It’s said again and again by Edisto’s first timers: What’s there to do here?

Sure there are tourist shops, tasty restaurants, outdoor markets, scenic and historical tours, and a host of other things to do, but those things aren’t the real roots of Edisto. A beach vacation is just that – a beach vacation. A love of the water is in the genes of most Edisto-goers and for those people merely being on Edisto is THE thing to do.

It’s hard to look out over the Atlantic Ocean or the marshes and not see how much swimming, boating, tubing, fishing, skinnydipping (don’t get caught), and soul-searching can be done.

It’s fair to say that the bulk of Edisto-lovers spent their summers as a kid spending every waking moment in the water hopping over waves and making memories.

Those same kids got a little older and started walking up and down Palmetto looking for other kids doing the same.

Then the high school and college years come around and while some came to Edisto forcefully by parents hoping to keep the family dynamic together others came because their love of Edisto never died. These are the people that get excited every time they come to Edisto in any season year after year. These are also the people that will tell you what there is to do on Edisto.

They’ll tell you that the mornings are generally the best time of day in the summer to experience the ocean when it is a flat as a lake and afternoon winds generally kick up some nice waves to ride. They’ll tell you that if you take your boat out onto Big Bay Creek via the marina or the public landing at Live Oak that you will almost definitely see dolphin, snowy egrets, seagulls, pelicans, fiddler crabs, and, if you’re lucky, the eyes of an alligator watching you make your way out of its turf.

They’ll also tell you that some of the best parts of Edisto are spent with family and friends in the beach house or out on the porch.

Meal times mean a lot on Edisto. Whether vacationers decide to eat out or at home, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are made that much better just being on Edisto.

Breakfasts at the Sea Cow are a must at least once during a visit, but so are breakfasts with families in the house. Shrimp and grits, bacon and grits, sausage biscuits and gravy, fried eggs, fried bacon, and more grits are all staples of a good breakfast.

Lunches are spent on the beach, on a boat, on a porch, and sometimes in the beach house. In the summer, lunch time provides a great way to come in from the heat and cool off, but it’s hard to come in off the water, boat, or beach for food.

As for dinner, there’s nothing like making some Frogmore Stew (corn on the cob, kielbasa sausage, peel-and-eat shrimp all mixed together in a pot), drinking some beer (if you’re old enough), and making memories with family and friends on the deck of a beach house.

Edisto has a unique ability to bring generations together under one roof. Toddlers run around in diapers delighted by all the new sights and sounds of the beach – they’re little Edisto-lovers in the making. Adults get together with their grown siblings, relatives, friends, and anyone else who’s come along over the years and use Edisto as the best place in the world to enjoy life. Older adults get the chance to sit back and enjoy loving Edisto with their families and reminisce.

So the real answer to the question “what’s there to do” is simple: anything worth doing can be done on Edisto.

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