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The Seaside Plantation

Friday, December 18th, 2009

The Seaside Plantation is one of the many historical markers in Edisto Island.  Seaside Plantation’s property was purchased by William Edings around 1802.  The home was believed to have been built around 1810. William Edings came from a prominent family of Edisto planters and planted sea island cotton. William Edings was a member of the house of Legislator from 1856-1857 and was reelected for another term in 1858, however he passed before taking his seat.  His son, John then carried on his father’s tradition at Seaside.

The Seaside Plantation House is the only brick Federal Plantation house still remaining on Edisto Island. The Seaside is also one of only a few remaining antebellum plantation houses out of an original 54 on St. Helena.  The House was built to angle the southeast to catch the calming sea breeze.  The House is accompanied by a black lined well, clapboard shed, a large barn and a round concrete and oyster shell silo.  The Seaside was listed in the National Register on June 16, 1979.

The Seaside Plantation is one of the few plantations that participated in the Port Royal Experiment.  The Port Royal Experiment was started at the beginning of the Civil War.  The Experiments was former slaves worked the land that was abandoned by the plantation owners. Charles Ware of Boston was the labor superintendent of the Experiment.  He along with Richard Soule and Charlotte Forten lived at Seaside during the Port Royal Experiment.


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