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Support Animal Lovers of Edisto

People aren’t the only ones who love Edisto.

Driving onto the island many people notice the dogs that are on the side of the road looking up at the cars wondering if those people might be their families. These dogs gravitate towards people because they don’t have families of their own, or at least they don’t have them anymore. But this is where Animal Lovers of Edisto comes in.

ALOE is a small group of individuals who make it a point to save the lives of these dogs. Every year, the group takes on and finds homes for close to 50 dogs, sometimes more, sometimes less, it just depends on how many need help.

ALOE sees that these dogs are given proper vet care which includes getting them current with vaccinations and spaying/neutering, they’re given monthly flea/tick/heartworm medication, and most importantly, they are given shelter and love.

Many of these dogs come to the shelter not knowing what it is to be loved, but after being snuggled by ALOE volunteers and experiencing what it is like to be a part of a family, they become every bit as social and loving as family pets. Plus, rescue dogs always know they were rescued and there’s just something about the bond between a human and a rescued dog that is just indescribable.

To take care of these dogs, ALOE relies entirely on donations from the community and visitors. They work to stretch every dollar and do everything possible to make sure every dog gets the best care possible. However, donations are always greatly needed and appreciated.

So, if you want to help out Edisto’s furriest residents, consider making a donation. EdistoIsland.com will give prizes to anyone who makes a contribution that fits these donation levels:

$5 or more and you get a free EI sticker

$25 or more and you get a free EI sticker AND a free t-shirt

$50 or more and you get 3 EI stickers and 3 t-shirts in any size

The cost of the stickers and shirts are donated to ALOE at not cost and will not be deducted from donations, so rest assured that your donation will go directly to ALOE.

If you want to find out more about ALOE, visit AnimalLoversofEdisto.com or go to Facebook.com/animalloversofedisto

Donations can be sent directly to ALOE here: http://www.animalloversofedisto.com/donate.html

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