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Locals Create All Natural Skin Care Products

Forget the latest craze over all things vampire related, the real bloodsuckers live on Edisto. These, of course, are the mosquitoes.

Locals and vacationers all love the abundant water, scenic marshlands, dense forests, and sultry summers, but all of this contributes to the mosquito population.

While some people never get bitten (the lucky people that mosquitoes apparently don’t like) others find themselves slapping their arms and legs to swat the little buggers away. Some people choose to use a variety of insect repellent found at the grocery stores, but there’s just something about spraying chemicals that just isn’t very appealing. Fortunately, there’s a natural solution and it goes by the name of Evada-Bug Spray. But to learn about this spray first it is essential to learn about who created it.

Pamela and Ino Vandersteur live in the remote woodlands of the island where they mix up their seemingly miraculous insect repellent. Pamela grew up appreciating nature’s ability to fix what ails us. When she was just a teenager, she met a dog with a severe case of mange that no modern veterinarian medicine could treat. Not being one to back off when an animal is in trouble, Pamela said she found herself at the library studying ancient texts so she could drum up something to help this poor dog.

And she was successful. A week after learning all about treatments our ancestors used way back before pharmaceutical companies offered a pill for everything, Pamela came up with a mix of natural oils and elements that she put on the dog – and it worked. This success led to an increased passion for finding holistic options for day-to-day maladies. It also led to an unlikely pairing.

Pamela met her husband, Ino, a chemical engineer who used to work for the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Seeing as he made a living off of prescription drugs and Pamela was all about the natural way of life, it seemed unlikely that the two would hit it off. But they did.

Now, after being together for years, the two spend their retirement years down on Edisto Island where they make up all kinds of natural products.

Pamela said they began making the bug spray because – as anyone who has experienced it can tell you – the mosquitoes are thick in the wooded areas of the island. They wanted to come up with a natural way to repel the mosquitoes and gnats and that gave rise to their company called Naturally Charleston.

In addition to the bug spray that even the most seasoned fisherman and hunters say is good stuff, they also make all-natural lip balm, before-sun lotion, after-sun lotion, and a bug spray for dogs.

Their products are for sale all over the lowcountry and can be found at several stores in the Edisto area. Visit their website at naturallycharleston.com to read testimonials and more about Pamela and Ino.

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