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Edisto Island Safety Tips

Every weekend more and more people are coming to the beach now that vacation season has begun.

It’s funny how vacation is something many people live for all year long. People work or go to school all the other weeks of the year and then get to escape from it all for a week or two. Now a week or two doesn’t seem like much time in the grand scheme of things, but when it’s vacation time, then it’s all that matters.

So to make sure your week or two of total bliss is fully enjoyable, remember the following things to stay safe on Edisto.

To begin with, driving is something people tend to forget how to do on vacation. Not that people drive badly, it’s more like people seem to forget that there are police on vacation and rolling stops are still cause for getting a ticket.

Make sure when you’re driving with the windows down and listening to some great tunes on the radio that you pay close attention to the speed limits (35 mph on Palmetto Boulevard and 30 on Jungle Road and paved side streets). You’ll definitely want to make sure you pay attention to stop signs, especially the newest three-way stop at the intersection of Jungle Road and Lybrand.

Also, look out for all sorts of different critters. Deer live all over the island and run out onto the road at all hours. Be especially cautious on Highway 174 near the Edistonian General Store, but make sure to keep an eye out wherever you are.

Deer don’t just stick to the island, either. They really like to be on Jungle Road and Palmetto Boulevard, especially at night.

In addition to the deer, raccoons and possums and cats and dogs all scurry across the roads of the beach and the island, so pay close attention.

After a rain storm, the roads can be covered in water, so be careful when driving through puddles.

Then there’s the ocean. Many people will come to the beach this year for the first time. But even if you’ve been to the beach a thousand times, it’s always good to remember how to stay safe.

To begin with, there are no lifeguards on the beach, so all swimmers do so at their own risk. Even strong swimmers can’t combat the strong currents should they become stuck in one.

Granted, the ocean isn’t something to be scared of. If you go in to swim or play, it’s important to stay shallow and not get too close to the groins (rocky structures that line each block of the beach to help prevent erosion).

Also, the current is strong, so a good way to make sure you’re not being swept down the coast is to make sure you’re always in front of a specific house on the shore. If you get too far away from that house, go ahead and swim back toward the house or get out of the water, walk down the beach and then get back in. The current is fast, so it is incredibly easy to all of a sudden discover that you’ve drifted down the shore, so pay attention.

Now sometimes on vacation things happen that are beyond anyone’s control. For instance, sometimes people might have a little too much to drink, jump in the water off of a dock, and then discover that getting back on that dock is a little difficult, especially with all the sharp barnacles that collect on docks. Those same people then end up with some pretty nasty cuts that require treatment (this is a true story that has happened in my family no less than five times – you’d think we’d learn).

Well, when things like this happen, you can always head off to Island Family Medicine located at 805 Oyster Park Drive on the island next to Enterprise Bank. This establishment provides care for all of the ailments that happen on vacation from swimmer’s ear to scrapes and bruises to just about anything else. Of course, 9-1-1 is always an option for the more serious issues.

So, when you’re on vacation this year, just remember to have a great time and enjoy yourself, and keep these safety tips in the back of your mind.


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